Who can I contact with questions?


Call - 978-212-9706 

When is the Grant Cycle?

You can see the updated timeline here:
Hudson Cultural Council - Timeline 

Where/How do I apply for a Grant?

Go to the MassCultural Council website below.


Very important: include a sponsor letter on organizational letterhead, with the content of the letter confirming the date , time and location (venue) of upcoming event. 

What types of Grants are funded?

Applicants may apply to the LCC Program for projects, operating support, ticket subsidy programs, field trips, artist residencies, fellowships or other activities, based on local priorities and needs. Local councils may also choose to fund cultural field trips for children, grades pre-K through 12, by subsidizing the cost for children to attend programs in the arts, humanities and sciences (including performances, educational tours and exhibits).

LCCs can fund operating support, but sure to check with the LCC you are applying first to make sure they do.  

Examples of operating support include:

Who can apply?

Applicants must be located or reside in Massachusetts. Anyone included in the list below may apply:

What are the funding criteria?

Local cultural councils use the first three rules listed below in the review of all funding decisions. All three rules are equally important. Click the link below to review HCC's local criteria (aka funding priorities).  

Grant funds received from a local council may not be used to purchase food or beverages.

How can I join the Hudson Cultural Council Board?

This all-volunteer board always welcomes new members! 
If you are interested, please follow the instructions at this page:  https://www.hudsonculturalcouncil.org/hcc-board-members

What constitutes a local sponsor letter?

The letter should be on the organization letterhead - not an email - and should include the date, time and location of the event. 

What is FY - or Fiscal Year?  

"FY" stands for "Fiscal Year".  The Fiscal Year usually starts on July 1, and funds state government programs and operations through June 30 of the year stated.   (An example would be FY23 being July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023.) 

More information about the current fiscal year can be found on the mass.gov website: https://www.mass.gov/operating-budgets-fy24-and-previous