HCC Council Guidelines & Priorities

The guidelines for awarding a grant are a combination of:

MCC (Mass Cultural Council)


HCC (Hudson Cultural Council)

local guidelines.

MCC criteria:

  1. Art, Humanities or Science

  2. Public Benefit

  3. Non-Discrimination

  4. Local Criteria (HCC guidelines)

Hudson Cultural Council Guidelines:

1. All applications for performances or exhibits must include the program date, confirmed venue, with a letter from a local sponsoring organization confirming the date and venue. A sponsoring organization is a person, group, or other entity that books, makes arrangements, and assumes responsibility for the performance, exhibit, or other types of programs. Sponsor letter should be on their letterhead.

2. The HCC does not directly book, make arrangements, or handle any logistics related to exhibits, performances or programs. Thus, a grant will not be considered for funding unless there is a local sponsor.

3. Performances must appeal and be accessible to the largest number of Hudson residents of all ages (e.g., accessibility to people with disabilities, cost of admission, etc.).

4. Applications which demonstrate widespread appeal to the Hudson community will be given preference.

5. Cultural Council Funds cannot be the sole source of funding for such programs.

6. When a grant is awarded, but the project has not been completed for any reason, the funds must be returned to the HCC.

HCC Funding Priorities:

1. Maximum impact (largest number of Hudson residents of all ages served, including the ratio of dollars spent to the number served).

2. Preference given to grants serving Hudson residents, and to programming by Hudson-based organizations and institutions. This could include but is not limited to the arts, nature, science and environmental education projects.

3. Community-wide events including, but not limited to art in public spaces, concerts, festivals, art shows, etc.

4. Programs which take place inside the town of Hudson.

5. Programs supporting diversity in the Hudson community.

6. Collaborative projects between local cultural groups and community organizations.

7. First-time applicants and new projects.

8. Applicant's track record: Project was completed according to the original grant application and required paperwork was submitted in a timely manner.

Additional Notes:

  • Incomplete grant applications may be denied funding.

  • Venue needs to be accessible to people with disabilities

  • Grant received does not fund food at the event

  • Applicant must be Massachusetts resident