Grant Application Checklist

Grant Application Checklist

Grant Checklist:

Create account on MCC website

Complete Application form (see samples below)

Confirm venue, date & time

Description of event

Upload local sponsor letter (Hudson Cultural Council requirement)

Describe how event relates to Hudson community

Prior award history taken into consideration

Venue needs to be handicap accessible

Grant does not fund food at the event

Applicant must be Massachusetts resident

If awarded grant:

Once Annual Report is completed, Hudson Cultural Council sends grant packet to grantee which includes:

  • Approval Letter, Grant Agreement, W-9 and the Final Report.

  • Grantee signs and sends Grant Agreement & W-9 back to HCC. (returned within 2-4 weeks)

  • HCC forwards Grant Agreement & W9 to Hudson Town Office

(HCC does NOT keep copy of W-9 form).

  • Municipality processes paperwork and sends payments directly to the grantees.

  • Grantees must send to the Hudson Cultural Council the Final Report and any additional materials mentioned in the award letter. It is suggested that the report be filed within 2 weeks of program completion but absolutely within one year of date on approval letter.

  • Confirms Grantee project details and completion.

  • Provides public participation information and impact of program.

  • Acknowledges compliance with MCC and HCC guidelines.

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